EID UL Adha 140 160 Characters Text SMS in English

New collection of EID Mubarak EID ul Adha 140 160 Characters Text SMS or Messages in English for letting all to send and download EID SMS to friends EID ul Adha and family. The EID Text messages which given here are free to download and send other. You can easily copy, paste and send these EID Mubarak Text Messages to your friends and family members. You will also be able to share these SMS to Facebook and other social networking sites as status or posts. So let’s start sending:

EID ul Adha Text SMS in English:

EID increases love with blessings of Allah, reset your heart and makes all happy. I am wishing a great EID Mubarak for your friends and family.

146 Characters – 26 Words EID ul Adha :

EID comes to remove sorrows, EID comes to bring happiness, EID comes to make Muslims peaceful. Wish  “EID Mubarak” to all of you and your friends.

146 Characters – 27 Words:

EID brings new happiness to your home and heart, makes all happy and peaceful. Wish a very happy EID Mubarak for you and your friends and family.

149 Characters – 27 Words:

E means: EID of Ramadan
I means: Improvement of Happiness
D means: Dishes are ready to break first

Happy EID Mubarak to your friends and family members. EID ul Adha

EID Mubarak  English Text SMS or Messages 150-160 Characters EID ul Adha :

150 Characters – 28 Words:

EID means: EID comes up
I means: Increase your happiness
D means: Dance start on your heart with lots of happiness.
“EID Mubarak” to you and your family. EID ul Adha

151 Characters – 27 Words:

With the great blessings of Allah gives peace, happiness and joys to your friends and family. Wish a very happy EID Mubarak to your friends and family. EID ul Adha

154 Characters – 31 Words:

On the day of EID, All of Allah’s blessings fail down to your heart and home and make your happier. I wish a great EID Mubarak to your family and friends. EID ul Adha

155 Characters – 28 Words:

Forget all sorrows, reset your heart and cheers up to happiness with blessings of EID from Allah. Wish a very happy “EID Mubarak” to you and your friends.