What is the Meaning of Eid Mubarak?

Eid Mubarak is a traditional Muslim people greeting reserved for use on the festivals. Therefore Eid Mubarak means is greeting or wishing a happy day of Muslims. Muslims celebrate eid by wishing & greeting others and by sharing their happiness. Eid delivers a message of sharing love and happiness to others. This event unites a whole Muslim Ummah together for the welfare of all. Eid means a day of happiness and its purpose is to share happiness among others. Muslims around the world celebrate this event by saying Eid Mubarak to one another, it will transfer the wishes and greetings to the other person.Eid Murbarak

What Is Eid Ul Adha And When It Will Be In 2017?

Eid Ul Azha an Islamic festival of Muslims which is obligation in which they sacrifice an animal in the name of Almighty ALLAH. Muslims perform this act as once ALLAH showed Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) that he is allowed to sacrifice his son Hazrat Ismail (A.S), when he got up he considered that dream as on order from Almighty therefore he demonstrated the same act. When he was going to slaughter his son, suddenly a lamb came heavenly and said stop. I am sent by Allah Almighty for the sacrifice instead of your son and Allah said that he has approved your sacrifice in the name of Him. Therefore Muslims perform this act as on obligatory task for them. This act is only for the persons who financially afford to have an animal. In 2017 Eid Ul Azha will be celebrated on September when Muslims will celebrate this event. It is a three day celebration in which this act is performed.

What Is Eid Ul Fitar And When Is In 2017?

Eid ul fitar is a religious festival of Muslims which is celebrated on 1st of Shawal which is a holy month of Muslims. For Muslims it a blessing and a reward from Almighty Allah for the entire Ummah for their fasts of a whole month. In this year Eid ul Fitar is expected to celebrate on June, Saturday based upon the sight ability in Pakistan. Children gets money from their elders which is called Eidi whereas women make sweet dishes. There are get together in which people share happiness with others. Young girls are very much excited with this event as Mehndi is a delightful aspect of Eid. Girls apply mehndi on their hands and wear bangles which shows their love and happiness towards the event.

Why Muslims Celebrate Eid?

We as Muslims celebrate Eid festival by considering it a reward from Almighty after fasting a whole month for the sake of Him. Eid means a day of happiness and its purpose is to share happiness among others. On Eid day Muslims get up early in the morning and men go to the Masjid where they offer prayer and embrace Muslim brothers in order to remove every kind of enmity if any. The embracement will diminish all kinds of hatred or any grudge between the hearts of Muslims. We celebrate Eid not only to share happiness but to remove personal grudges between the hearts of entire Ummah. The reason of celebrating Eid is to realise the poor people that they are not alone, infect they are the part of the everyone happiness. Eid binds the entire Ummah which eradicates the discrimination among the society.

Should Non Muslims Not Wish Eid Mubarak?

Non Muslims are allowed to wish Eid Mubarak as this event eliminates every kind of discrimination among the society. People are unaware of the fact that Non Muslims can wish Eid Mubarak as Islams preaches of equality among all the humanity. Although non muslims are of different religion but still they are humans that is why they can wish Eid to Muslims. Eid is a worldwide celebrated festival and of the Muslims. There are two kinds of Eid that are celebrated by the Muslims. One, called Eid ul Fitr, is at the end of Ramadan and a first if Shawal in which Muslims fast for a whole month. Second one is, called Eid ul Adha, is two months later in which they sacrifice animals for the sake of Allah.

What Is The Meaning Of Eid Mubarak In English?

It means basically MAY YOUR DAY OF EID BE A BLESSED ONE. It is similar to how the Christians say merry Christmas on Christmas day. In English Eid Mubarak means greeting or wishing a happy day. Eid means a happy day whereas Mubarak means to congratulate someone. Collectively Eid Mubarak will mean; to congratulate someone for a happy day. Greeting or wishing for happiness is very common but in urdu Muslims wish their Islamic event of Eid by saying Eid Mubarak to one another which means to wish or greet some one a happy day.

How Do We Say Eid Mubarak In Turkish?

There are many languages in the world, each of them have different ways to pronounce and speak. As far as Turkish is concerned, it is a very sweet language. Turkey is an Islamic country. In Turkey Eid Mubarak would be like Seker Bayrami. Eid is also known as the Festival of sweets as sweet dishes are the most important of this event. In Turkeu bayram means a festival, a celebration or an event of happiness. People in Turkey wish each other by saying “Bayramýnýz kutlu olsun”. It means that May your festival or a celebration. Turkish people also greet one another by saying “Mutlu Bayramlar” or “Happy Bayram” it means a Happy Eid.